2014 Avenger Prices, Values and Specs

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2014 Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - In addition to what is standard, pricing includes Advantage and Touring Edition (N/A on fifth wheels and ATI models) Packages.

(2017 - 2012)

5th Wheel

M-526 RLS

M-528 SGS

M-529 RBS

Travel Trailers

M-23 FBS

M-21 RB

M-25 RL

M-26 BH

M-27 BHS

M-27 RLS

M-26 BDS

M-28 BHS

M-30 QBS

M-28 DBS

M-28 RKS


M-32 RED

M-32 RES

M-33 RSD

M-32 BHS

M-33 BHS

M-32 BIT

M-36 BHD

ATI Series

M-14 RB

M-17 BH

M-17 QB

M-26 BB

M-27 BBS