2010 Quicksilver Prices, Values and Specs

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2010 Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - In addition to what is standard, 2.0 and ATV/Camo include snap-on package 6.0, 6.1, 8.0, 8.1, 10 and 18 SUT include Convenience Package, mag wheels, Fan/Light Package. 18 SUT also includes jacks, electric brakes and aluminum deck.

(2017 - 2008)

Camping Trailers

Quicksilver 6.0

Quicksilver 6.1

Quicksilver 2.0 Motorcycle

Quicksilver ATV/Camouflage Camper

Quicksilver 8.0

Quicksilver 8.1

Quicksilver 10.0

Quicksilver 18 Sport Utility Trailer

Travel Trailers

VRV Series

M-5X101 One Bunk

M-5X101 Two Bunk

M-6X14 LQ One Bunk

M-7X16 LQ One Bunk

M-7X16 LQ Two BunkK

M-8.5 X16 LQ Two Bunk

M-8.5X16 LQ One Bunk

M-8.5X22 LQ One Bunk

M-8.5X22 LQ Two Bunk

Truck Campers

Quicksilver 1

Quicksilver 2

Quicksilver specializes in the creation of recreational and cargo-carrying products for various vehicle types. Constructing all-aluminum camping trailers, truck campers and travel trailers, Quicksilver caters to recreational enjoyment for between two to six people for weekend camping. Quicksilver products are designed to companion not only automobiles but also ATV and motorcycles.