2009 Tahoe by MVP Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Tahoe by MVP

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - For information prior to 2009, see Tahoe by Thor Ind. No longer in business.
(*)These models include the fiberglass exterior.

Important note for 2009

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - In addition to what is standard, prices include power sofa, generator, LCD TV, upgraded audio and aluminum wheels. 334SA also includes second fuel tank.

Select a 2009 Tahoe by MVP Series

(2012 - 2009)

5th Wheel

M-285 (*)

M-315 (*)

M-395 TIB (*)

Lighthauler Series

M-28 LFW (*)

M-31 LFW (*)

Travel Trailers

M-214 FB (*)

M-254 FS (*)

M-284 SA (*)

M-314 FS (*)

M-334 SA (*)

Lighthauler Series

M-19 FB (*)

M-23 FS (*)

M-25 FS (*)

M-26 FS (*)

M-28 FS (*)

Obtaining several brands after Thor California closed, MVP RV acquired the Tahoe name in 2009. Creating medium sized fifth wheel and travel trailers, Tahoe by MVP units ranging from 26 to 39 feet in length were upscale recreational product. Trailers production under the Tahoe name lasted for only the 2009 model year. MVP would later manufacturer Class C motorhomes using the Tahoe brand.