2003 4-Star Trailers Prices, Values and Specs

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4-Star Trailers Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - No further information available after 2003.

(2003 - 2002)

5th Wheel

M-4S2D6SW-2 Horse 6' Short Wall

M-4S2D7SW-2 Horse 7' Short Wall

M-4S2D6MT-2 Horse 6' Mid Tack

M-4S2D8SW-2 Horse 8' Short Wall

M-4S2D7MT-2 Horse 7' Mid Tack

M-4S2D9SW-2 Horse 9' Short Wall

M-4S2D0SW-2 Horse 10' Short Wall

M-4S2D8MT-2 Horse 8' Mid Tack

M-4S3D6SW-3 Horse 6' Short Wall

M-4S2D1SW-2 Horse 11' Short Wall

M-4S2D9MT-2 Horse 9' Mid Tack

M-4S3D7SW-3 Horse 7' Short Wall

M-4S2D0MT-2 Horse 10' Mid Tack

M-4S2D2SW-2 Horse 12' Short Wall

M-4S3D6MT-3 Horse 6' Mid Tack

M-4S3D8SW-3 Horse 8' Short Wall

M-4S2D1MT-2 Horse 11' Mid Tack

M-4S2D3SW-2 Horse 13' Short Wall

M-4S3D7MT-3 Horse 7' Mid Tack

M-4S3D9SW-3 Horse 9' Short Wall

M-4S4D6SW-4 Horse 6' Short Wall

M-4S2D2MT-2 Horse 12' Mid Tack

M-4S2D4SW-2 Horse 14' Short Wall

M-4S3D0SW-3 Horse 10' Short Wall

M-4S3D8MT-3 Horse 8' Mid Tack

M-4S4D7SW-4 Horse 7' Short Wall

M-4S2D3MT-2 Horse 13' Mid Tack

M-4S3D1SW-3 Horse 11' Short Wall

M-4S3D9MT-3 Horse 9' Mid Tack

M-4S4D6MT-4 Horse 6' Mid Tack

M-4S4D8SW-4 Horse 8' Short Wall

M-4S5DSW-2 Horse 15' Short Wall

M-4S2D4MT-2 Horse 14' Mid Tack

M-4S3D0MT-3 Horse 10' Mid Tack

M-4S3W2SW-3 Horse 12' Short Wall

M-4S4D7MT-4 Horse 7' Mid Tack

M-4S4D9SW-4 Horse 9' Short Wall

M-4S2D5MT-2 Horse 15' Mid Tack

M-4S3D1MT-3 Horse 11' Mid Tack

M-4S3D3SW-3 Horse 13' Short Wall

M-4S4D0SW-4 Horse 10' Short Wall

M-4S4D8MT-4 Horse 8' Mid Tack

M-4S3D2MT-3 Horse 12' Mid Tack

M-4S3D4SW-3 Horse 14' Short Wall

M-4S4D1SW-4 Horse 11' Short Wall

M-4S4D9MT-4 Horse 9' Mid Tack

M-4S3D3MT-3 Horse 13' Mid Tack

M-4S3D5SW-3 Horse 15' Short Wall

M-4S4D0MT-4 Horse 10' Mid Tack

M-4S4D2SW-4 Horse 12' Short Wall

M-4S3D4MT-3 Horse 14' Mid Tack

M-4S4D1MT-4 Horse 11' Mid Tack

M-4S4D3SW-4 Horse 13' Short Wall

M-4S3D5MT-3 Horse 15' Mid Tack

M-4S4D2MT-4 Horse 12' Mid Tack

M-4S4D4SW-4 Horse 14'GW

M-4S4D3MT-4 Horse 13' Mid Tack

M-4S4D5SW-4 Horse 15' Short Wall

M-4S4D4MT-4 Horse 14' Mid Tack

M-4S4D5MT-4 Horse 15' Mid Tack

An Oklahoma City, Oklahoma trailer manufacturer operating since the early 1990s, 4-Star Trailers briefly constructed recreational vehicles during the 2002 and 2003. Ranging from 16 to 34 feet in length, 4-Star Trailers ride on a dual-axle configuration. Exiting the recreational vehicle business after the 2003 model year, 4-Star Trailers continues to build utility and horse trailers.