1991 Sun Aire Prices, Values and Specs

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Sun Aire Note

PARK MODELS - For information after 1991, refer to Travel Line Enterprises.

(1991 - 1986)

Park Models


M-35-1 Bedroom

M-35-2 Bedroom

M-35-2 Bedroom, Bunkhouse

M-35-2 Front Bedroom

M-39-1 Bedroom

M-39-2 Bedroom

M-39-2 Bedroom, Bunkhouse

M-39-2 Front Bedroom

Travel Trailers





M-35SC-1 Bedroom

M-35SC-2 Bedroom

M-35SC-2 Bedroom, BH

M-35SC-2 Front Bedroom

M-39SC-1 Bedroom

M-39SC-2 Bedroom

M-39SC-2 Bedroom, BH

M-39SC-2 Front Bedroom

First building recreational products during the 1986 model year, Sun Aire manufactured a range of travel trailers and park models. Park models created by Sun Aire ranged from 32 to 39 feet in length while their towable products spanned between 23 and 29 feet. After the 1991 model year, Sun Aire was incorporated into product line-up of Travel Line Enterprises.