1990 Starchase Traveler Prices, Values and Specs

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Starchase Traveler Note

MOTORHOMES - No longer in production after 1990.

(1990 - 1989)


Windstar Series

M-225CB Chevrolet

M-220CB Chevrolet

M-220CB Ford

M-225CB Ford

M-240CB Chevrolet

M-240CB Ford

M-245CB Chevrolet

M-245CB Ford

M-270SB Ford

M-270XS Ford

5th Wheel

Landstar 290RK

Landstar 320MS

Landstar 320RK

Landstar 360MS

Landstar 360RK

Landstar 360RS

Landstar 360WB

Starchase Traveler constructed Class A and Class C motorhomes as well as fifth wheel trailers for a two-year span starting in 1989. Building Class A motorhomes between 27 and 36 feet long in 1989, Starchase Traveler switched to Class C motorhomes in 1990 based on Chevrolet as well as Ford van chassis frames. Produced only in 1990, the fifth wheel trailers sold by Starchase Traveler ranged from 29 to 36 feet in length.