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So you want to explore motoring with the enriching feel of a sports car? Rarely practical, sports cars are intent to create an atmosphere of fun for the driver on the streets or possibly on the race track. On-road performers, sports cars do not adhere stringently to any specific body style criteria allowing a driver to decide on a vehicle matching their individual tastes and lifestyle. Sport cars can be built using coupe, convertible as well as sedan body styles. A high-performance crossover vehicle could also be considered in the same realm as a sports car. Some prefer a sports car that is extremely light on comfort and convenience features while others prescribe to the notion of a sports car being a luxury machine. Some sports cars are greatly similar to vehicles or incorporate technology used in professional auto racing. Construction of sports cars often relies on lightweight components such as aluminum and very exotic carbon fiber to maximize engine power and improve handling. Due to the performance and competitive nature of sports cars, it is common to see aspects such as horsepower and design change on a frequent basis. The pricing range for sports cars ranges broadly from under $20,000 into the millions. More affordable examples of sports cars include the Mazda MX-5 and the Scion FR-S. With pricier sports cars such as the Ferrari F12berlinetta, engine power is often top of the charts in the entire auto industry. Expensive sports cars are often constructed in limited numbers adding to their exclusivity in the marketplace. Despite the massive horsepower of some sports cars, the future of this vehicle category is increasingly becoming enriched with powertrain technology such as hybrid drive platforms. Desirable to many drivers, sports cars are typically more expensive to own due to insurance and fuel costs.

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