2013 Velocity Powerboats Inc Values, Specs and Prices

Note: Manufacturer note(s): For information prior to 1997, see Thoroughbred Powerboats Inc.
Model note(s): (*)Includes the value of the outboard motor. (**)Includes the value of the outboard motor(s) and trailer.

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(2013 - 1997)
Founded by Steve Stepp as a company specializing in high performance, race-proven designed watercrafts, Velocity Powerboats Incorporated offers vessels supplying speed as well as family fun on the water. Known as Thoroughbred Powerboats until 1997, the Florida based boat builder is skilled in the integration of high quality, aviation-grade materials. Velocity Powerboats Incorporated has used several decades of performance boat engineering to built watercraft ranging from 20 to 41 feet in length.